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Our services include

Carriage of the deceased from flats, hospitals, throughout the country.

Comprehensive service funerals.

Sale of coffins, urns, crosses, plates.

Preparation of the grave, cross plates.

Sales prayer books and rosaries.

We palm trees, wreaths, compositions urn strenna.

Organization of family get-togethers.

Organization and services funeral ceremony.

Catholic funerals secular and other religions.

Self refrigerator.

Mediation in dealing with formalities with the church.

Cosmetics posthumous and prepare the body for burial.

Prices Housed in a social insurance benefit.

We offer musical setting.

Arranging transport for participating in the funeral ceremony.

Lending funerals.


Information on the procedure in case of death.

The first step is to inform the doctor that states death (by writing a death certificate or card information). After this, our Funeral transporting a deceased person to a cold (remember that any undertaking can not outsource transport without a finding of death by a physician). We need a death certificate photocopy several times, because the first page is given the cause of death, which was later useful for inheritance cases, banks and other insurance companies. With the card of death and the identity card of the person Marla, we go to the registry office, in a given municipality, in which the death occurred (we did not go where the deceased person was reported, but where the death occurred). Registry Office, on the basis of / in two documents issued death certificates free of charge (manufacturing of death certificates can also order funeral establishment). Only now we can take care of the burial, or visit the Father, and our office Funeral.

In case of doubt, we provide assistance 24 hours a day.

604 428 457

We proceed as in the case of death in the home, or hospital visit, obtain a death certificate (here no longer have to notify GP) and go with the card and identity card to the Registry Office (in the municipality in which the death occurred).

In case of doubt, we provide assistance 24 hours a day.

604 428 457

It contains the cause of death, which may be necessary to document the occasion to apply for compensation and insurance companies in the bank, in case of the insured loans. USC GUS refers to these cards and no longer has access to the data it contains, it is recommended to copy them before registration especially in the cases referred to above.

In case of doubt, we provide assistance 24 hours a day.

604 428 457


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